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    So you got your hands on some KOGs – get ready to start going down the rabbit hole, my friend.

    Collecting KOGs can be time-consuming, but very rewarding. Well, you already know that! Why else would you be here? 

    To make your life a tad easier, here’s the list of all the possible sets you can collect.

    Ultra Rare Royal Superset 

    The addition of Gold Slammers brings a new set type to the 2nd Edition. To create a Royal Super, you must have KOGs, Slammers AND Gold Slammers with matching borders. 

    Here’s an example - a PINEAPPLE Ultra Rare Royal Superset from 3rd Edition

    Ultra Rare Superset 

    KOGs + Slammers with matching borders. If you’ve collected all 12 1st Edition Ultra Rares available in our Royal Orange border, for example, you have a UR Superset. Here’s how they look: 

    Rare Superset

    These are identical to the Ultra Rare variety but consist of NFTs falling into the Rare category. Additional KOGs and Slammers mean Rare Supersets have more NFTs than their Ultra Rare counterparts. 

    Pumpkin Superset is an example that needs 29 KOGs and Slammers to be completed.

    Uncommon Superset

    Uncommon KOGs and Slammers with the same border. This means more NFTs to collect. Some Uncommon Supersets are made up of 49 KOGs and Slammers, others include 82.

    Here's an example of a 49-piece Uncommon Superset, with the Red 19 border.

    Common Superset 

    Common KOGs and Slammers with matching borders. Although they fall into the least-rare category, Common Supers contain the most NFTs of any Superset type. Some sets need 70 KOGs+Slammers to complete, others have 115.

    For example, you need to complete 70 KOGs and Slammers with the border Blue 24 to complete the set. Here are 24 pieces of that set.

    Ultra Rare KOG Rainbow Set

    The same Ultra-Rare KOG in all available borders. For example, a Valiant Protector Rainbow contains 20 different borders to collect.

    Ultra Rare Slammer Rainbow Set

    One Ultra Rare Slammer design in all available borders. 

    Rare KOG Rainbow Set 

    One Rare KOG design in all available borders. The Peddler from 1st edition is an example, and it looks like this.

    Rare Slammer Rainbow Set

    Rare Slammer with the same design in all available borders. An example is Gun from 1st Edition. Take a look.

    Uncommon KOG Rainbow Set 

    Uncommon KOGs with the same design in all available borders. An example is Best Friends from the 1st Edition.

    Uncommon Slammer Rainbow Set 

    Single Uncommon Slammer design in all available borders. Here's an example - Berserker from 3rd Edition.

    Common KOG Rainbow Set 

    Common KOGs with the same design in all available borders. A Common KOG Rainbow Set usually needs 24 KOGs to be completed. 2nd Edition's Alien Egg 1/4 is an example:

    Common Slammer Rainbow Set 

    These sets are made of a single Common Slammer design in all available borders. Most Common Slammer Rainbow Sets are made up of 24 slammers. Mayan Gold of 2nd Edition is an example and here's what it looks like:

    Foil Variants

    Every set listed above also has a special, truly rare counterpart. The same collection metrics apply, but substitute KOGs and Slammers for their harder-to-come by Foil versions. 

    Here’s a side-by-side comparison: 

    While Ultra-Rare KOGs and Slammers are just that, you could say their Foil variations are Ultra-Ultra-Rare. 

    Let’s use the Pineapple 8 Ball Slammer in the above image to illustrate just how special Foil KOGs and Slammers are. The non-foil version has been minted 13 times, whereas only 2 Pineapple 8 Ball Foils now exist. 

    But those figures will change if another ever emerges from a pack! 

    Set Discovery Tool

    Sure, you can use the inventory tab on AtomicHub. But you can turn to a more comprehensive resource for wrangling your collection and finding all the gaps.

    To see which KOGs and Slammers you have, as well as those you don’t, pay a visit to NFTHive.

    NFTHive lets you toggle filters and drill down into the specifics of your collection. Type in your WAX Cloud Wallet address - typically ending in “.wam” - to check your stash.

    Also, if an NFT that's missing from your collection is up for sale, NFTHive can send you directly to the listing.


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