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What are Kogs?
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What is KOGS?
All Kogs are one-of-a-kind collectible NFTs 

NFTs are digital assets registered on an immutable blockchain. This means that there can only truly be one of any given asset registered. 


Even if two look VERY similar, you can still identify their uniqueness through inspection on-chain (useful for verifying a Kog trader’s claims about the rarity of their Kog!) - think of it like identical twins; they may look very similar, but they each have defining traits that make them uniquely them.

Once minted, it is impossible to change the number of Kogs in a generation.

Kogs not only is a collectible NFT but also doubles as a game that is 100% on the blockchain. Collect your Kogs and Slammers and head into the arena to play against other players. Can you slam your way to victory?
KOGS isn’t just another NFT app.

KOGS is pushing the boundaries of what blockchain is thought capable of. 

While everyone has been chasing the seemingly elusive “higher transactions per second” our team of passionate artists, engineers, designers, and developers has been working tirelessly over the last few months to build something that will open the door for amazing new developments in blockchain.

KOGS is the first mobile blockchain game with the ENTIRE backend being programmed on the blockchain.
Our own Arclegger and Joe have worked on designing and building it out. This has been made possible thanks to Komodo Platform technology; the open support has been amazing. 
A special thanks to Dimxy and JL777.
Step 1: Collect Kogs
Step 2: Challenge another player
Step 3: Stack up your Kogs against theirs into one large stack
Step 4: Both players take turns slamming the stack with their favorite slammer to try to flip as many Kogs over. Whoever knocks over the most Kogs after 3 turns wins!
How to Play
The Packs
The packs you buy have a GUARANTEED combination of rarities so you know you are always getting a rare and a special slot item with every pack.
Special Slots - Anything Rare or above has a chance of appearing in the special slot, this includes but is not limited to;
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35 Kogs + 2 Slammers + 3 Special Slots
  • 2 Slammers
  • 26 Common Kogs
  • 6 Uncommon Kogs
  • 3 Rare Kogs
  • 3 Special Slots

  • Rare
  • Ultra Rare
10 Kogs total
  • 6 Common Kogs
  • 2 Uncommon Kogs
  • 1 Rare Kog
  • 1 Special Slot 

  • Slammer
  • Foil Slammer
  • Foil Rare
  • Foil Ultra Rare
  • Foil Common
  • Foil Uncommon
  • Jagged Edge Slammer
  • Foil Jagged Edge Slammer
Orange = Ultra Rare
These are the most coveted Kogs and BY FAR the hardest to get. Their value is unparalleled.
No colour = Most Common
These are the most common types of Kogs, and are found often.
Blue = Uncommon
Harder to find than silver, and are high quality work; these Kogs can be identified by the color blue.
Gold = Rare
These Kogs are VERY hard to find, and are among the coolest designs.
Silver = Common
You'll often open packs to find silver Kogs
Behind KOGS
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