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Tech Achievements

We have so many great accomplishments to share, and couldn’t be prouder of our team. It’s been a long road with many challenges. Thank you, too, for your patience also for seeing the bigger picture and long term vision.

As the entire logic for the game is on-chain, there’ve been several significant accomplishments during the game’s development. With that in mind, here are 8 of the tech chasms crossed while coding KOGs on RFOX:

1) Improvements for libnSPV

What is that? Simply put, we applied an advanced, super-lite version of Simple Payment Verification (SPV) that leverages Komodo’s dPoW security and enables highly resource-efficient SPV clients with full Komodo Smart Chain accessibility.

2) libnSPV Android Plugin

Integration code that enables the availability of libnSPV C-code in Unity C# projects for Android.

3) Unity Wrapper to enable blockchain functionality for Kogs in C#

Paving the way for a gaming SDK allowing game developers to build on our platform.

4) Mempool

To ensure a smooth and fast gameplay experience, we developed functionality for game states to be changed by transactions in the mempool rather than only those included in blocks.

5) Batch Transfers for NFTs

We’ve recycled and enhanced the functionality of the Tokens CC module to enable multiple NFTs to be sent in one transaction. For example, being able to add 10 KOGs to 1 container as it’s created, rather than 1 at a time.

6) Game Objects

Creation of scaffolding code on top of tokens for accessing and managing game objects as NFTs. Examples include Players, Containers, Games, etc.

7) RNG

Our Random Number Generator is a fully on-chain solution developed using the commit and reveal scheme. Example: A provably fair and decentralized method that combines the input of each player involved in a game to determine outcomes of game actions. We made sure to add enough “salt” to eliminate any rainbow attack vectors.

8) Matchmaking

We’ve enabled the ability for players to find each other on-chain to choose who their next victim is. After all, KOGs gameplay is serious business.

For everyone who volunteered to be one of the first 1,000 game testers, the backend testing is a sign that we are inching closer to involving you. All testing will take place on a ‘TestChain.’

Nonetheless, here’s an updated ‘sneak-peek’ of the game and its code:

demo game blockchain

Before the official game release, we’ll conduct a fork on the RFOX chain to enable Komodo’s Smart Chain framework, reduce block times to 30 seconds, and deploy the KOGs CC Module on the RFOX chain.

Making a game that runs on mobile, is 100% on-chain and still provides a fast user experience WAS no easy feat!