Now Available - KOGs Burn & Craft Limited Edition Redemption

    July 13, 2022

    Hey hey hey!

    Starting the 13th of July, you can now craft KOGs Limited Edition: Grimspiel! However, while you have the pack on your Atomichub inventory or WAX Wallet, pack opening will become available on the 15th of July 2022 - around 9 pm SGT or 1 pm UTC. You can straight ahead to the Redemption page by clicking here:

    Redemption Period

    The redemption tool will be available from July 13 to Aug 3 at 12 pm GMT+8.

    What do I get from the KOGs Limited Edition: Grimspiel pack?

    The pack you crafted contains 1 Ultra Rare KOGs from the Grimspiel collection and can be opened starting 15th July 2022 9 pm SGT or 1 pm UTC onwards.

    These Limited Edition KOGs will be tubeable and be eligible for future rewards, like avatar redemption in the VALT.

    How to use KOGs Craft Limited Edition Redemption?

    To access the new KOGs Crafting feature, log in your WAX Address on the KOGs My Collections page, click here -

    Step 1: You will see a new feature or tab that says “Redemption” and choose the edition you will use as ingredients to craft the new Limited Edition KOGs NFTs.

    Step 2: Select 36 KOGs NFTs that you will use as ingredients. Crafting KOGs: Limited Edition this way will consume and burn 36 of your untubed legacy KOGs NFTs. So, make sure you use only the NFTs that you are willing to burn.

    You will need the following untubed KOGs NFTs to craft:

    • Common - 20pcs

    • Uncommon - 10pcs

    • Rare - 5pcs

    • Ultra Rare - 1pc

    Step 3: If you have the exact amount of ingredients, click on “CRAFT KOGs”. Make sure you are very sure of the KOGs that you want to use as ingredients. The crafting KOGs process will consume the ingredients or burn the NFTs used as ingredients.

    Step 4: The page will ask you if you are sure about burning your Legacy KOGs to craft the new Limited Edition. We want to make sure that you are sure, you know~

    If you click on “Yes I’m Sure” then please know that the 36 KOGs NFTs you used as ingredients will be burned. Kaput! Bye-bye! In return for the new Limited Edition KOGs NFT – This time, Grimspiel collection. You will be directed to the page in the image below when you successfully crafted the Limited Edition KOGs.

    Do you have any questions in mind? Let us know what you think and join us on our RFOX Community Discord by clicking here.

    The Koggers community is more than happy to help you out.

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