KOGs: SLAM! Play To Earn Closed Beta Test Has Ended

    October 08, 2021

    KOGs: SLAM! Play-To-Earn Closed Beta Test has ended as of today, October 8, 2021 at 12:00NN GMT+8.

    The game servers will remain accessible until the Open Beta starts. You can still play the game, but match counts and KOINs earned from now on will have no bearing on the criteria for the Closed Beta-exclusive rewards.

    Qualified for Closed Beta rewards by 12:00NN of October 8 GMT+8

    • 350 players have 100 Matches played. They will get the Pineapple Slam Beta Slammer
    • 227 players have 250 Matches played. Their KOINS will be carried over to Open Beta

    Only those who have played 100 matches or more as of 12:00NN today will get the Pineapple Slam Beta Slammer. In the same way, only those who have played 250 matches or more as of 12:00NN today are qualified to have their KOINs carried over to Open Beta.

    Any match that was played or KOIN earned beyond 12:00NN of October 8, 2021 will not count nor be carried over to Open Beta.

    Now let's talk about those who actually qualified to get the Closed Beta-exclusive rewards.

    We have a total of 350 players who played 100 matches or more, and they will get the Pineapple Slam Beta Slammer. These game-exclusive slammers will be added to their game accounts when Open Beta starts.

    There are 227 players who played 250 matches or more, and they put together a total of 492,975 KOINs that we will carry over to Open Beta. These KOINs will also be inserted into their game accounts when Open Beta starts.

    Why should I keep playing the game when my matches and KOINs won't matter anymore?

    We're glad you asked that. During this period, we'll continue updating the game. We'll release new updates and features, and you get to be the first ones to experience them. Watch out for our game development updates to know what updates and features we'll release.

    We want to thank everyone who participated in the Play-To-Earn Closed Beta Test. Your feedback, suggestions, and bug reports immensely helped us improve the game and bring it to where it is now. We invite you to keep playing KOGs: SLAM! to test out the new features we'll be adding to the game. We'll also continue to accept feedback and bug reports so we can continuously improve the game for Open Beta.

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