KOGs: SLAM! Now In Open Beta!

    November 30, 2021

    Let's get SLAMMIN'! KOGs: SLAM! Open Beta is finally here!

    Download on Google Play Store

    Coming soon to iOS App Store

    *Note: The app will roll out in different countries at different times. Make sure to tap/click on the Pre-Register button in the Play Store link.

    What can I do in Open Beta?

    Use your KOGs to play – You have been collecting KOGs 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition and Special Editions like Bad Days and Bored Ape KOGs – it is time to use, play, and flex them in-app.

    New to KOGs? Don’t worry! You can earn SLAM! KOGs and Arena KOGs by playing the game.

    Earn KOINS in Daily Missions – KOGs SLAM! is Free-to-Play. That means you can earn rewards already just by playing the Daily Missions. Throughout the day, you can earn KOINS rewards by playing Single Player, do Boss Challenge, or by playing with other Koggers around the world in Multiplayer Ranked Match or in the Arena. In the coming updates, you can use KOINS to buy more SLAM! KOGs or swap it to RFOX.

    Get Exclusive KOGs in Arena – KOGs SLAM! is Play-to-Earn. When you play in the Arena (250 KOINS to enter) and get rewards, you can unlock exclusive KOGs. Yes, KOGs that you can ONLY get inside KOGs: SLAM! Once you get them, it is up to you if you want to use them in your matches in the game or transfer them to your WAX Cloud Wallet within the WAX Blockchain. Trade them, sell them, or hold on to your KOGs.

    Here are the KOGs you can win from playing:

    • Arena – Exclusive Arena KOGs as well as standard SLAM! KOGs.

    • Tournament – Exclusive Tournament KOGs. (Coming Soon)

    Coming Soon! - SLAM! KOGs Season 1 Packs

    In an upcoming update, you will be able to purchase 3 kinds of SLAM! KOGs packs via Shop in-app, if you’re too impatient to grind for them in Arena.

    • SLAM! Mini Pack – Contains 3 KOGs: 2 Commons, 1 Random (Uncommon or Rare)

    • SLAM! Pack - Contains 9 KOGs: 4 Commons, 2 Uncommons, 1 Rare, 2 Special Slot

    • SLAM! Starter Pack – Contains 40 Common SLAM KOGs. Can only be purchased ONCE.

    SLAM! KOGs Season 1 Special Slot will drop the following rarities:

    • Rare

    • Ultra Rare

    • Foil Common

    • Foil Uncommon

    • Foil Rare

    • Foil Ultra Rare

    Start Your Play-To-Earn Journey with RFOX ID

    RFOX ID gives you access to the products and services we offer throughout the RFOX ecosystem. With the RFOX ID, you can send and receive digital assets that you use within the RFOX ecosystem. Learn more about RFOX ID here.

    Cashing out of the RFOX you get, by swapping KOINS to RFOX in KOGs: SLAM!, will be done in your RFOX ID account. More details about this process soon!


    1. KOGs: SLAM! Open Beta is open to everyone

    2. Those who took part in the Closed Beta should use their Closed Beta login when signing up for RFOX ID.

    3. Those eligible to get a Beta Slammer and/or for KOINS carry-over would also need to register for the Open Beta. You should use the same login account you used during the Closed Beta. 

    You used Google to login to the game? Then use Google in RFOX ID. Did you use Facebook? Then use Facebook again. Use the same account that you used in KOGs: SLAM! back in CBT to RFOX ID today.

    Create just one (1) RFOX ID account using just one (1) sign-up method.

    Creating multiple accounts using different sign-up methods will cause problems in the future.

    Check out this guide to learn how to transfer KOGs from RFOX ID to WAX-supporting wallets.

    Check out the FAQ if you have questions. You can also join the discussion on RFOX Discord on the RFOX Games/KOGs channels.

    See you on the playground!

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