KOGs: SLAM! Development Update – December 13, 2021

    December 13, 2021

    What's up, Koggers!

    Welcome to our first game development blog for KOGs: SLAM! Open Beta! Thanks to your help, we've found bugs in the past week. And we've applied fixes to some of them.

    Let's get right to it! Here are the features that the team has worked on and added to the game.

    2nd Edition Slammers

    Yeah, the 2nd Edition slammers looked weird in the game. We've made it look slick in the game now, so you can continue flexing them in your matches! Check out this video from RFOX Games Brand Ambassador Ateş İnsan!



    We've received reports about a bug in the Arena that causes other Koggers to lose a life or heart when matched with a rival. We found that it's actually a disconnection issue, and we've fixed it. You can now get into Arena without fear of losing a heart due to the bug. You can still lose a heart if you lose, though, so git good!

    Arena pack prizes

    Some Koggers who got out of the Arena thought they didn't get their pack prizes. What actually happened was the unpacking animation didn't show, and they had to restart the game to see the SLAM! KOGs in their inventory. We fixed this, so you should get the whole experience of getting and unpacking your pack prizes from the Arena now.

    Default KOGtainers – No more incomplete KOGtainers in matches

    If you put your own KOGs in KOGtainers, then transferred the KOGs to someone or back to your personal WAX address, the KOGtainer will now have less than 40 KOGs in it. In that case, you cannot use that KOGtainer in matches. The default KOGtainer with demo KOGs will be used for your next match unless you create a new KOGtainer with 40 KOGs.

    Other Improvements

    • Improvements in My Collections

    • Improved SFX

    There are other bugs that we are still fixing. We'll give you an update when we've pushed the fixes into the game.

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