KOGs: SLAM! Build 1.1 NOW LIVE! - All You Need To Know

    March 17, 2022

    KOGs: SLAM! Build 1.1 is NOW LIVE!

    Be sure to update your game client to enjoy the new features! If you don't have the game yet on your Android device, download it now on Google Play!

    What's New in Build 1.1?

    Free-to-Play Gamer? Use DEMO KOGs in Single Player and Multiplayer > Ranked Match

    You can't find the Demo KOGs in your My Collection? Don't worry. You can access them when you enter Single Player game modes and when you want to try our Multiplayer > Ranked Match.

    Earn KOINs in Weekly Leaderboards

    Yes, Leaderboard Rankings will happen more frequently now. We’ll release more details about this soon, but here’s the schedule for Seasons 2 to 4.

    • S2 – March 30th 3PM GMT+8 (07:00 UTC) to April 4th 10AM GMT+8 (02:00 UTC)

    • S3 – April 6th 3PM GMT+8 (07:00 UTC) to April 11th 10AM GMT+8 (02:00 UTC)

    • S4 – April 20th 3PM GMT+8 (07:00 UTC) to April 25th 10AM GMT+8 (02:00 UTC)

    That means you get a chance to get at the top of the Leaderboard every week! And you have more chances to get these rewards!

    Get your KOGs in Shop using the KOINS you earn every week. You can still convert KOINS to RFOX.

    Get Arena Keys in Daily Missions

    No need to grind 3 days to get 100 KOINS per day and enter Arena when you got 250 KOINS. With Build 1.1, you can enter Arena every day. That’s right! You get Arena Keys now instead of KOINS when you complete your Daily Missions! So complete your 3 daily tasks, claim your Arena Keys, then jump right into the Arena!

    Got No Arena Keys? Enter Arena With KOINS

    Don't worry, if you suddenly don't have enough Arena keys, you can still enter Arena Mode by paying 250 KOINS.

    Earn and Get More KOGs NFTs in Arena

    Build 1.1 introduces better Arena Rewards. You can now get SLAM! S1 KOGs NFTs and Arena S1 KOGs NFTs as rewards in Arena.

    Remember - the only way to get Arena KOGs is to get them as prizes from the Arena. They won’t be available in the in-game Shop. You can probably get them from secondary markets, but only if somebody wants to let go of their Arena KOGs and decides to trade or sell them.

    And who would want to let go of these dope-looking NFTS? And these are just samples. There are a lot more rockin’ designs available!

    More competitive game

    With Build 1.1, only players with 40 KOGs NFTs in a kogtainer can play in the Arena. You can still use the demo KOGs and kogtainer with demo kogs in Ranked Match and Single Player modes, but not in the Arena.

    Join the discussions on RFOX Discord server, RFOX GAMES/KOGS channel about these new updates in the game!

    Haven't downloaded the game yet? Get it now on your Android device!

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