How to Create and Stake KOGs TUBEs

    February 01, 2021

    What are TUBEs?

    A TUBE is a vessel for storing your completed sets. Once sealed, these TUBEs represent a completed set.

    Why do I need TUBEs?

    You don’t need them, but you’ll WANT to! TUBEs help you organize your collection by separating completed sets from loose KOGs.

    What can I do with my TUBEs?

    • STAKE TUBEs to earn RFOX rewards.

    • TRADE TUBEs as completed sets.

    • OPEN TUBEs to release your KOGs at any time.

    What do I need to create a TUBE?

    You’ll need at least one qualifying KOGs set. TUBEs cost a minimal fee, paid in WAXP tokens. That’s it! From there it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    What does it cost to create a TUBE?

    Every TUBE, regardless of the KOGs inside, cost 25 WAXP to mint. All WAXP collected from TUBE sales are used to buy KOGs from the open market, which are then sent to the Community Vault for promotions and incentives.

    Why should I stake my TUBEs?

    Earn your piece of the 4 Million RFOX staking rewards. Stake for 90 days and earn a pre-defined amount of RFOX. Staked TUBEs never leave your account.

    How do I create a TUBE and stake it?

    Are you ready to create a KOGs TUBE, fill it up and stake it?

    Log into the MY COLLECTION page, then follow along:

    • Step 1: From the 'My KOGs' tab, tap your KOGs to assemble your set.

    • Step 2: Select the 'CREATE TUBE' button.

    • Step 3: Ready to stake your new TUBE? Hit that 'STAKE TUBE' button!

    How and when can I claim my RFOX rewards?

    There are two opportunities to stake your TUBEs: Staking Window 1: Feb. 1 - 7 -- with the staking period completed on May 7. Staking Window 2: Feb. 22 - 28 -- with the staking period completed on May 28. Once the staking period is complete, you can claim your RFOX at any time by clicking the 'Claim' button appearing next to your TUBE on the 'My Stakes' page.

    Happy staking!

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