Happy Valentine’s Day From The KOGS Team!

    February 14, 2023

    Happy Valentine’s Day 2023

    This is a love letter from the KOGS Team to the ever-awesome KOGS community. As many of you have been speculating around the Valentine’s Day KOG based on the AMAs on Discord, you’ll be disappointed to know that this announcement is not about that KOG. We are however going to announce the next set in our KOGS line up.

    Introducing Grimspiel Chapter 2

    We would like to announce Grimspiel Chapter 2, a continuation from Grimspiel Chapter 1 which we launched last year. We listened to the community and based on the response we got from Grim1, we’re making it bigger, better, and shinier. Yes, you read that right. Grim2 will feature foils for all you shiny collectors out there.

    How do I get these packs?

    There are 3 ways in order to obtain these new packs and they are:

    • Redemption via the burning of KOGs

    • Crafting via the burning of crafting materials

    • Sale using WAX / RFOX

    As with the previous Grimspiel set, these packs will be available for redemption via the burning of KOGS using the same recipe as the previous set.

    They can also be crafted using the new crafting materials that you get from the tube staking program. The recipe for crafting will be as follows.

    Also, as a way to onboard new KOGS collectors to start their collection with this new set, a limited number of packs will be available for sale as well.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming blog where we will discuss the distribution and new mechanics for minting Grimspiel Chapter 2.

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