Cryptopop Art Guild Artist Highlight – Nathalie Belle Osma

    July 26, 2022

    As we've said before, we are proud of the diversity in our team of artists working on the KOGs. This time, we want to share with you the artists that made the Special Edition--coming August 16, possible.

    Today we are featuring one of the female artists working with us, Nathalie Belle Osma.

    What's your name?

    Nathalie Belle Osma or Zevel

    Is there a story behind the Zevel name?

    There’s no pretty much story behind the zevel, I just made it like the English version of “si belle” pronounced like zevel (😹)

    Where are you from?

    Rizal, Philippines 

    What theme are you working on (in KOGs)?

    Metaverse Kingdom’s The Queen Sphynx and Filipino pin-up Calendar’s Love in Sunset.

    What piece or pieces did you create? What's the story behind each one?

    psycho show

    I have always been interested in the idea of a "psycho show" as it relates to life. In this painting, I wanted to explore the idea that life is a show and we are all actors who play different roles in our own lives. If you are kind in this world, you end up suffering; if you are cruel, you get what you want. The world is one big stage where everyone is trying their hardest to get ahead of their competitors and make sure they are seen as the best person they can be.

    The Queen Sphynx

    How did you start in digital art?

    I'm a traditional artist specializing in oil paints and pastels. A few years ago, I transitioned to digital art because it's convenient and opens new possibilities for me that weren't possible before.

    Describe your art style in one word: 


    What do you think are the most important characteristics of your art? 

    I think the most important characteristic of my art is that it can bring the past that makes people nostalgic. Using the colors, art style, culture, and so much more. It matters to me that my viewers can resonate with my art, allowing them to remember memories.

    What was it like working on KOGs? 

    It was a great experience and very organized. Looking forward to working with RFOX Games again!

    Where can we see your other works?

    you can see all my socials here:

    KOGs x Cryptopop Art Guild

    This all-new Special Edition NFTs features artwork from over 100 artists of the Cryptopop Art Guild. The CPAG Special Edition comprises 150 new KOG designs, 18 Slammer designs, and completely new borders, culminating in 11K+ variations. Yes, this edition will have foils and sawblade slammers too. Collectors will be able to choob Rainbows and Supersets which will be eligible for avatar redemption in the metaverse – RFOX VALT, as well as other RFOX game utilities.

    Learn more about the new Special Edition NFTs by clicking here.

    Do you have any questions in mind? Let us know what you think and join us on our RFOX Community Discord by clicking here.

    The Koggers community is more than happy to help you out.

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