How To Play KOGs: SLAM!

    Welcome to the KOGs: SLAM! Closed Beta. The game is currently in the beta stage, so you can only try out the single-player mode for now. We'll continue to update the game in the next few weeks with cool features like Pro Arena, play to earn, play to keep, leaderboards, and more!


    Let's see what's in the game!


    Main Menu

    You can start a match in the game's main menu. The Multiplayer is where Game Modes like RANKED MATCH, ARENA, and TOURNAMENT game modes are located. You can play against other players in these modes.

    Let's go to Single Player, where we have Practice Mode and Boss Challenge game modes available.

    In the current build, we have 2 game modes available: Practice Mode and Boss Challenge.

    In Practice Mode, you are playing by yourself. The goal is to use your Slammer and try to flip your own stack of KOGs.

    In Boss Challenge, you get to challenge one of 5 bosses and maybe complete some of your Daily Missions. This game mode plays similarly to the multiplayer game mode.


    After picking a game mode to play, you can create a Kogtainer (which works like a deck of KOGs). Kogtainers contain 40 Kogs and a Slammer.

    We’ve already put together a Kogtainer for you, with 40 random KOGs, but you can create new ones at any time.

    How To SLAM

    Slamming is done in 2 steps.


    - Hold and drag the Slammer to the position you want to start with.

    - You can also spin the Slammer by wiggling it left and right.

    - To reduce the spin, just hold it still for a bit.

    - Let go of the Slammer when you are happy with its position.

    Now, you SLAM! Swipe your finger down to slam your Slammer onto the stack.

    The Practice Mode

    In the Practice Mode, you play by yourself with the Kogtainer you just picked. The goal is to clear out your stack by slamming and flipping the KOGs.

    The Boss Challenge

    In the Boss Challenge mode, you can fight the 5 bosses - Ben, Fadzly, Chino, Phil, and Pete.

    A coin toss decides who gets to go first, and then the match starts. You take turns in slamming your stacks. Whoever flips the most KOGs after 3 Slams wins the game.

    If you defeat a boss, you unlock their Slammer as a reward.

    Daily Rewards and Missions

    Each day, you can get additional rewards through daily rewards and missions. These rewards refresh after some time, so make sure to check them regularly and get them.

    In-game Currency

    You can see the amount of your in-game currencies on the top part of your screen - KOINS on the left, RFOX on the right.

    The Shop

    Using the KOINS you won through daily mission rewards, you can buy yourself some packs.

    For now, you can only pick one of the 3 pack sizes on the top.

    We'd love to hear your feedback on KOGs: SLAM! Please answer the feedback form.



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